Sensodyne Original 4Oz

24/7 Sensitivity Protection + Strong Teeth & Healthy Gums

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Offers the benefits of regular toothpaste: Provides a barrier against pain. Contains fluoride that helps protect teeth against cavities Feeling freshness and cleanliness. Helps reduce plaque with regular brushing.


Always follow the instructions on the label. Keep out of reach of children. Sensitive teeth may indicate a deep problem that requires prompt attention. Consult your dentist if the problem continues, gets worse or the pain persists. Do not use in children under 12 years of age until you consult your dentist. If irritation appears, discontinue use (As with any other oral care products). Keep at room temperature.


Nitrato de Potasio 5.0000% p/p,
Fluoruro de Sodio 0.3152% p/p.

Benefits and uses

Brush with Sensodyne Original twice a day and no more than three times, minimize swallowing and spit out.